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Olabode Oludare is a result driven, conversion-led wordpress website developer and designer with 5+ years of work experience. He is on a mission to help individuals and businesses grow, improve and maintain their online marketing performance. He is the Founder of Quinn Royalty Limited, and Quinn’s Technologies, a solar inverter producing company for businesses, companies and individuals looking for solid custom made solar inverters and accessories. He is passionate about Website Development & Design, Business Development, Affiliate Marketing, Renewable Energies, Solar Energy and tech in general for influence and impact.

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Over $10,000+ in Product Sales Generated from Free Traffic… And still counting!

Back in 2019, some months after I launched my eLearning platform, www.qrt.ng; I had a couple of students enroll for...
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Over $10,000+ in Product Sales Generated from Free Traffic… And still counting!

My Work on Slayon Extensions

Sometime last year, a client messaged on WhatsApp, he had a friend whose sister had issues with her Facebook Ad...
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My Work on Slayon Extensions

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Do you have a website you’re not proud of and you need it to give a mind-blowing impression to your potential customers or clients?

Or you don’t know how to keep up communicating with your customers on recent updates, new products, latest promotional offers and so on?

Or you need to get more leads, grow your mailing list and nurture them into becoming recurring customers/client?

Save yourself the stress, the time, the headache and the resources.

He Designs and Develop Stunning Websites and also Help Businesses Free Up Time With Sales Automations.

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