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Sometime last year, a client messaged on WhatsApp, he had a friend whose sister had issues with her Facebook Ad Account.

She was in dire need of a solution.

So he referred her to me, so I can do my “abracadabra” and get things back to normal.

Her advert account got permanently disabled for a reason we didn’t understand. And thus struck a big blow to her online business.

She sells genuine human hair extensions and wigs products.

So, running advert campaigns and marketing on Instagram is her major online advertising method to get new customers as well as keep existing customers in the loop with latest updates.

With her ad account disabled, she couldn’t sleep, she was scared her online business would take an unwanted turn downwards.

She feared sales would decline heavily.

That’s why I was brought into the fray to make things work.

I couldn’t get back the advert account but I proffered a solution that worked. She was excited, and very happy that she could resume her advertising on her favourite social media platform.

She then asked me, “Olabode, what other services do you offer?”

I replied to her, “I offer website design and development, email marketing automation and campaign setups.”

She then went on to narrate how she has an e-commerce website she’s not proud of and she can’t send visitors to because it’s not looking pleasant.

She then asked if I could make it better and requested a quote.

She proceeded with hiring my services instantly and I asked her for the details of her existing website.

I then went on to work on SLAYON EXTENSIONS:

• Transferred her domain name and hosting to a better domain registrar and hosting service

• Reworked the SSL of her website (it was having unsecured contents issued, I fixed and moved it from self-signed SSL to CloudFlare SSL & CDN)

• I revamped her website with a better layout and easy-to-navigate user experience

• Made her website mobile and user friendly

• Worked on her SMTP servers (in order to make order emails being sent out from the website deliver faster)

• Added PWA support (so her website can be installed and easily accessible by her existing and new customers)

• Worked on the load speed (so her website loads up in a jiffy and she doesn’t lose potential customers due to a slow website)

• Added other essential features and pages (to make her website one that can convert a visitor into a customer in seconds)

She was wowed. She fell in love with her website one time.

This is what her website looks like after I worked on it:

We then proceeded to set up promotional offers with limited, special, and seasonal discount sales.

As of today, July 7th, 2023, she has amassed over ₦9,580,700 ($12,597.90) in sales from the website which I changed from a disgrace into a “WOW!!”.

See the screenshot below:

Live Screenshot of Sales Report on Slayon Extensions (1st of September 2020 – 7th of July 2023)

Do you have a website you’re not proud of and you need it to give a mindblowing impression to your potential customers or clients?

Save yourself the time, the headache and resources.

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